No October 2020 Rewards into my Gemini Account

Hello @steeven

I am expecting my first rewards payout this month. I have added and KYC’d a Gemini account however I have not received anything.

I can see that Payout Status is still :green_circle: but how do I know if my Gemini account is correctly linked? Its showing as connected in my creator’s panel.

Do uphold accounts get processed first ?

Thx for any help

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I believe Gemini payments are still being processed. If your account is connected, any payments you’re expected to receive should get deposited by the time payout completes.

Thankyou @Mattches

I don’t suppose there is any way to know how long the payout will take ?

Nope – we will announce in the thread mentioned above when everything is completed.

@steeven @Mattches i also didn’t get payment of October in my gemini account yet, please let us know how long it will take !

@Mattches @steeven

Its been over a week now - is there a problem?

Please be patient as the proocess completes.

Main thread for progress October 2020 Publishers Payout Thread