PDFs open from link not working

When I try to open PDF from a link, it doesnt open up.

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I have the same issue. Did you find out the answer to this?

The adobe reader is installed and the Chrome extension seems to be the problem working with Brave. When opening up via Chrome, there is no problem.

I have set Brave to be the default pdf opening application in Windows 10, but the issue remains.
A PDF Brave isn’t able to open directly: O que do mes n 88.pdf
[Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Version) 64 bits]
Brave opens BAT Whitepaper PDF directly, although.
I’ve removed Disable Download Bar, without restarting Brave: issue continues.
I’ve only disabled Avast Online Security extension: issue continues.

I am able to open PDFs directly, without any 3rd party extension. I am using Brave Dev on Linux (have no tried Win10).

a) Can you open a PDF that is stored locally on your computer?
(I can)

b) Can you open a PDF that is stored remotely on another computer (server)?
(I can … try this - an article about ants from Texas A&M University)

Okay, I just tried on Win10 with Brave Release and no issues opening a remote-stored PDF


I don’t understand why Brave doesn’t fix this and the problem with clicking links that open in the same page insted of a new Tab oe Window.

Why can’t they fix these EXTREMELY BASIC problems? It’s why I mostly use FireFox.