Payout balance shows another number of BAT credits than my acctual balance

Hello. As you can say it says just 33.7 BAT on my payment but my full balance is more than that.
Will i get the full amount or just 33.7?
Why is this happening? I need to wait another month to get them? I already did wait…

Please help me.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tonka001 - thanks for reporting! Can you DM me the email linked to your account?

Done. Please check the message.

There’s a possibility that you only get 33.7 BAT from previous month (1-31) @tonka001 . All contribution that you received after that period (1-29 this month) will be paid in the next payout

Yes but my funds are from January, it Cleary says that in my account. Please help me

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