I only recieve 14.25, whereas my balance is 712.5

I only recieve 14.25, whereas my balance is 712.5

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same for me i only receive 14.25 my balance 83.12

se estan volviendo scam, solo responden con un bot no lo veo justo, que mi cuenta esta bajo revisión a igual que la de mi pareja desde el mes pasado y aun nada que responden el soporte

@aryajatmikas @batex today payout is for contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous month. Contribution that you received after that period will be paid next month.


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it looks like this will still be a problem, because I also from the date of 1-31 may have 239 bats, but only received 57 bat.

the payment system should be considered

I guess you got contribution in Month May is 14.25 which is Paid Today ( this would be the may Payment)

The Balance Tips ~698 Bats will be paid on Jul 8th I guess ! this how Payment Cycle works!

1-31 may have 239 bats, but only received 57 bat (9 juni)

My friend got the payment 5hours ago and i am still waiting.

Dude I clearly mentioned on this post

I don’t think so.
In May I’ve recivied all contribution, why this month will be different? If my users arrvied up to 30 days in use while is payment process It could be OK but it’s not the case.

What will happen that many publishers did not receive their payment?


From 1-st-31th I had 820 BAT, now in “processing payout” I’ve 917BAT, I must recivied 820 BAT but I’ve recivied 10 BAT…
So I don’t know what happened but the problem is not that.

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Having Same issue ! I can’t understand why are they splitting the payment !
If the contribution 100 BAt received on May means they have to pay full 100 BAT they are sending only 40-50% of them and other 50% holding on pub account wallet ! I need a clearifiation too @Asad @gsarvadnya pls explain us

Finally in my case this happened: I've earned 917 BAT and recieved 10.35BAT

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