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Good morning, this is to ask the Brave work team for help, since a year ago I made a request about the payment of my Brave Rewards/Creators account associated with my YouTube channel, I would like to know what I can do since I have been presenting the same error for a year and without any response, below I attach a screenshot of the error that I present, I am located in Colombia, thank you very much.

Hey, have you tried to Disconnect and connect again?
Do you have any other warning/error in Uphold Dashboard?

yes, that’s basically what I’ve been doing all this time but it’s still the same

well, then i will tag @SaltyBanana or @SmartyAadi , couse they helped me quickly with creator content issue.
I suppose they will ask for the ticket number from the form you have submitted, so they can track faster.

Please raise a ticket at

Hey. @Michael-Alexander I am in no way working with Brave. Lol. I am just a user like you who tries to help if possible. I don’t have more privileges than your or anything or can’t help other than redirecting people to the appropriate ticket forms.

I didn’t mentioned anywhere that :slight_smile: .
I tagged some great resources, that helped in my issue.

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