Not receiving payments

I the user of brave browser…i have not received any payment from 3 months… in publishers account i recieved but in uphold you are not transferring them from last 3 months please help so that i will continue using your service

Did you ever received payments in Past ?

its not scammers, i already withdraw 26$

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good, but rn im having issue with porting bats to uphold

Same here in publishers account i recivied but brave didn’t transferr this to my uphold wallet i don
't know why

i tried everything no results! i send them LOG no results((

I created my account in May of this year and have my Uphold account linked to my Brave browser. I have yet to receive any payments in my Uphold account.

I have the Brave browser on my phone and actually have received payments there. On the payment date, there has been option to claim the payment. So the issue I’m having seems to be related to something with the Brave/Uphold integration.

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