Pathetic Uphold wallet has suspended my account after verification and connection

Dear Community,

We (who were affected by uphold wallet due to country sanctions or verification or anything else) should raise our voices for the developer and BAT/Brave browser team to kindly add another wallet like coinbase or BAT’s other wallet.

When i was connecting with uphold, i created account i gave my computerized NIC and a photo holding the same, first my brave reward creator was connected but after two days i received a mail you account is suspended and no specific reason for this. Then i mailed them to ask what happened, ‘how my information raised concern for the safety or security of your members’ that was the reason they gave me to suspend,

I am not usama bin laden or ISIS, I have done registration with same ID and photo to several Crypto exchanges including coinbase blockchain and binance alongwith skrill payza and neteller.

They replied again saying, their internal policies and procedures are not allowing them to verify me and use their services. Means even i want to use blockchain based brave browser i am compelled to create an account in pathetic uphold wallet.

Kindly look into this issue, developer and BAT team is focusing on user growth but due to this behavior of uphold, most of the users will quit. I was about to make a video on BAT coin and Brave browser for my youtube channel, they are ready but my account is not.

Please find and integrate a good wallet or wallet other than uphold or direct them to verify who comes through brave rewards.


same issue here :confused:

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I have same issue as you! I attach the emails that i received from them.

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