Passwords disappeared and not offering to save passwords

My passwords have disappeared and now the browser won’t save passwords at all despite the settings showing that they should be saving. I think it has something to do with my userdata being deleted based on advice from another post in the community which suggested that deleting the userdata and then restarting the browser will resolve an issue I was having. this was very misleading and horrible advice as it screwed me up big time. I tried to recover the deleted userdata files but I dont think I was able to recover them all. my issue is that now the browser won’t save my passwords that i’ve luckily got on another browser, nor will it import passwords from another browser. it also doesn’t save log ins. I’ve checked settings and all the required settings are active but still won’t work. please help.

I’m not sure where you saw that, but definitely would be bad advice since all your passwords and everything relating to your profile is stored in your User Data folder on your device.

Have you tried creating a new profile? Hamburger menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile. Then at least test, you should be able to then import passwords and all. This at least will be a troubleshooting step if nothing else. This just will create a second profile, so nothing will be lost or damaged by trying.

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