All saved passwords have disappeared, please provide solution.

As stated, all of my passwords are suddenly gone. I thought at first it was a sync issue with the app on android and would refresh but it did not so I went over to my laptop and found it to be blank as well.
My phone is a Pixel 6 Running android 13 and the app is currently running the most updated version.
My laptop is a surface pro 7 running the most up to date brave browser as well. Please help me recover these. I have been a brave user for a few years now but if there’s no resolve I cant have faith in this software moving forward.

@spiiml4od unfortunately, there likely is not any solution for you. This is something @Mattches, @clifton, and others have been looking into. About all I can say is that you can check out NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and that it could be helpful if you provide details as is requested under Basic data to gather and Advanced data to gather on that topic, if you’d be willing.

Thank you for the response. Since my post ive scoured these postings and every which way I can think of and came to the same conclusion. I had found a posting about copying older save data files from windows.old but it was a dead end as well.
I hope for the sake of others something can be resolved in good time but for me I’m just going to rely on nordpass for everything moving forward.

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