Importing passwords from Chrome/Edge

Could a method of either importing passwords from alternate browsers or having passwords Sync with the desktop version which does import passwords be implemented.

Given there isn’t support for password key extensions (eg: Samsung Pass), it makes it really difficult to keep track of passwords these days. Especially with the varying minimum requirements spread throughout the various domains we log into. One upper case, one lower case, one number, one special character, they can’t be consecuitive or be part of your name and a partridge in a pear tree.

Many users rely on the ability for their browsers to remember passwords and sync easily across devices and apps. This is especially true of those with mental health, substance dependency and Alzheimer’s. They can’t always function at a peak neurological standard and remembering passwords is an additional stress that can upset, distress or overwhelm certain vulnerable members of society.


Coming soon for desktop and Android. In the next major release if not changed.

Also, LastPass or 1Password (not tested other apps) should works with Brave for Android IIRC.

Thank you for the information. I must have been looking in the wrong areas for the information. The help was appreciated.