Panopticlick results on Android

I ran EFF’s Panopticlick test on Brave on Android.

I get the following results;

-Partial protection on blocking tracking ads and invisible trackers

-No results on stop trackers that are included in the so-called “acceptable ads” whitelist, browser unblock 3rd parties that promise to honor Do Not Track, or protection from fingerprinting (browser does have a unique fingerprint)

Is there any way to boost those results without majorly hampering responsiveness and usability?

Chrome fails all of the tests, but Opera does well with its default data and ad blocking and Firefox can do well with some extensions. Also the desktop versions do well (default Brave scores positive on the first three tests).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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For the record, I have yet to see a browser pass the fingerprinting tests. I’m more interested in boosting the partial results, though I wouldn’t say no to improving results on the white list and do not track points.

I joined specifically because I had this question. Weird that Brave Android gets a poor score compared to Bromite, Firefox w/extensions, Firefox Focus, and Samsung Internet Browser.

Anyone? I’m not complaining, just genuinely curious. I’d like to be able to use Brave more often on Android.

We actually already have a fix for this ready - mostly. Turns out that once its implemented, it crashes the browser. We’re currently trying to diagnose the cause for the crash, but as far as the panopticlick results are concerned we’ve already identified and addressed the issue.

Just have to fix the new one it caused. Development is fun! :slight_smile:
I know that’s not a super satsfying answer but I hope it helps to know that we’re aware of the problem and are already hammering away at it.

I appreciate everyone reaching out about it. I’ll leave this thread open for now and reply here when I know/hear of any updates surrounding Panotpticlick on Android.

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I’ve followed a number of projects over the course of their development. I definitely get it and I’m glad to hear it’s on the agenda. I definitely appreciate the speed of the mobile browser and I know all of you are interested in security and privacy.

I can be patient. I understand how development can be like whack-a-mole. Cheers!

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