Browser Fingerprint Comparison

The scores from 3 web browsers are identical. Does that mean Brave provides similar level of protection against Fingerprinting as other web browsers.

If not, then why would the score be same?


More information can be found here

Thanks for the reference @eljuno.

While it’s a good read, there is a lot of flip flop in terms of what Panopticlick can and cannot do. I making a personal conclusion that it is not an “accurate” indicator of randomization.

Unless anyone knows of a better quantifying mechanism I guess we will just have to live with individual web browser’s claims of what they bring to the table w.r.t privacy.

P.S. The document seems tad bit out of touch as following link served 404.

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Hello all, we’ve recently worked with the EFF to update Panopticlick. Panopticlick’s results now correctly reflect Brave’s privacy protections. The site will now show desktop and Android Brave users that they have a very high level of privacy protection. We’re currently working to enable these protections for iOS users too.
Go to and test it out.