Brave for Windows and Brave for Android do not offer the same ad protection - Why?


Just an observation. I downloaded Brave for Windows 10 and after installing it I ran a test from to test the browsers effectiveness and was pleasantly surprised by the results. I installed Brave on my Android phone expecting the same results as my PC and the results are different running the same test. I would be great if you could make the Android version do as well as the Windows version.


There’s a particular issue with the Android version that’s causing this difference. We actually have a fix for it, but its currently (as silly as this sounds) causing the application to crash. We’re working on hammering all of that out as soon as possible.

Keep an eye out for updates on this soon.


Thanks for the feedback. I was really shocked by the difference in speed on the PC version as it renders pages way faster than the latest version of Firefox which is currently my default browser. Edge was a joke when it come to privacy and I don’t trust Chrome because I don’t trust Google. Any time frame on when I might see this update you’re talking about as I would really like to have a common browser interface on both my PC and my Android devices? I won’t hold your feet to the fire, Just a ballpark estimate will do.


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