Page unresponsive on every page including brave://settings

brave 1.44.108 chromium 106.0.5249.103

Mac running High Sierra (as recent as this hardware can get). Page Unresponsive messages occur on google searches, lots of web sites, even brave://settings. Can occur with no status or with “processing request” status. This just started in the last day or 2. Not happening with Firefox. Seems to be happening some with Chrome too. New version of Chromium?

An excessive amount of time is spent on “processing request.” IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET SUPPORT FOR THIS PRODUCT? Firefox works fine. How do I downgrade to the previous version? WHEN WILL YOU TAKE QA SERIOUSLY?

Page Unresponsive happens on brave://settings now also happens on a file:/// url. Please fix this. This has only come about since the last build.

I had a similar problem. A clean install helped me.

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