'Page unresponsive' error on search pages

Description of the issue: Frequenty getting ‘page unresponsive’ errors on search pages when using both Brave and Google search engines

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try any search term from address bar or Google search main page

Expected result: quick loading of search page

Brave Version( check About Brave) 1.58.127

**Additional Information: I get ‘page unresponsive’ errors on a lot of pages. But it happens nearly every time I try to perform a search in Brave, using either Google or the Brave search engine (this is especially disappointing). I tried turning off the ‘generative AI’ descriptions in Google search, but it didn’t help. On the main Google page, I often can’t even click in the main search box without waiting a LONG time (a minute or two). This isn’t just occasional; it happens easily 80% of the time. Then I have to wait longer to enter text. Then when the results page loads, I usually get the first result, and the page hangs, eventually followed by a ‘page unresponsive’ error. Sometimes the page FURTHER hangs when I click ‘exit page’, and I have to wait even more.

In some circumstances Brave does load pages more quickly than other browsers. But this page unresponsiveness is so common that it totally undoes any of the occasional speed advantages. I’m writing up the search page slowdowns in particular because this is simply an unacceptable issue that will very soon cause me to switch back to Chrome (which I was very hopeful to get away from).

When I am doing research or development work in particular, I often perform dozens of searches an hour. I have spent an unbelievable amount of time tonight waiting for search results in Brave or Google search engines, and sometimes even waiting to be able to click in the main search bar on the Google page. Even though Chrome is slower in general, the experience is still much better overall than Brave so far, because I can reliably search and get my results quickly (which is still the core of my web experience).

Perhaps the slowdowns have to do with a large number of installed extensions. I do have a lot (twenty or so) of extensions installed (password manager, gmail checker, google calendar, google drive, dark reader, one note clipper, tab suspender, to do, raindrop, toby, ChatGPT, etc.). But all of these extensions are important tools that I use frequently. If I have to go through my extensions, turning them off until I find some combination that doesn’t make search pages hang, that’s a dealbreaker. Choosing between being able to use my extensions and performing timely web searches is the kind of tradeoff that has always turned me off from other browsers (firefox, safari, arc).

I also tried changing several settings like turning off secure DNS, as per suggestions I found on various forums (when I fired up Chrome so I could actually load a search page, ahem).

I am doing my best to provide information and not just vent. I am still willing to give Brave a chance, and I will try disabling a couple of less important extensions and experimenting with configuration changes (like turning off Dark Reader for pages that have their own dark mode). But at some point If I don’t find a real solution, I’m going to give up, turn up my nose, and go back to Chrome.**

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