Page is not working with Brave Browser (Firefox and Chrome has no problems with it)

The Website is not loading properly. This is an e-mail web-client of the German provider Telekom. And, like Gmail etc., this page should show the inbox and the list of e-mails, left corner had the list of folders (Inbox, Sent, Recycle etc).

But this page does not load properly: something “freezes”, if I click onto any button, nothing happens. And most of content does not show up.

I disabled all of extensions, and also Brave shield is disabled. Privacy settings are strict.

Operating System: Debian 10
Brave Version: 1.20.108 Chromium: 88.0.4324.182 (official build) 64-bit

Please do investigate the matter. If I could help, let me please know, how I could.
Screenshot attached below:

Hello @bandi88

could you try in private mode and if it work then the issue in your cache since you said you disabled all extension

Private mode also sucks, see below (screenshot).
Please also note: I did empty my cache in normal mode, so it was not the problem.

let me ask someone from the team to help you @fanboynz

and have a nice day for both of you :slight_smile: