Option to Preserve Webpage Status on Restart

I would like the ability to preserve the status of webpages on a browser/system restart.

I’m a graduate student and use Brave for research and development. As a result, I often have many tabs open to different web pages and PDFs. As many of these are technical documents, I do not usually close them when I finish working. I usually just put my computer in hibernate so that most of the programs I use are in the same state I left them and my workflow is not disrupted when I resume. This works well most of the time, however, both Brave and Windows require restarts of the browser/operating system to update. When this happens (on system restart), I have to reopen the 10 or so applications I use regularly and configure them back into the state I need them. This is not a big deal in the case of most other programs, but because I have so many different documents open in Brave (many of which are large web pages or PDFs with thousands of pages), it can take quite a long time to configure everything as it had been before.

I realize that many webpages load content dynamically so it might not be feasible to save the status of a webpage. I also realize that when updating Brave itself the browser will resume with all the previous webpages reloaded. However, something as simple as storing how far I have scrolled down on a webpage/pdf or which sections of the document outline are opened/closed on a pdf would save me so much time.

On a less important note, I would like a similar feature in incognito mode for YouTube. I just want the ability to resume content at the same time it was before a restart (I listen to music on YouTube in incognito mode cause I don’t want it messing up my feed).