Option to close tabs on exiting (i.e. swipe-closing) the app


The behavior I want to see is - when I reopen the app, I don’t want to see my previous tabs getting loaded again. I swipe-closed the app for a reason.

This is already available in Desktop and Android. I believe the iOS version too could benefit from having this option.


There could be limitation on Apple side for something like this. Would be nice to have a feature like this. @joel / @michal/ @kylehickinson to confirm if this can be implemented on iOS


@sriram This isn’t something on Apple’s side and could be implemented. I’m not sure on timing on discarding saved tabs when the user terminates the app, but the check to not restore tabs and discard any saved ones could be done on launch.


Sounds good. I’ll have an issue logged for having this feature implemented

Edit: Issue logged https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/issues/893

closed #5


If using Private Browsing Only, tabs are not stored to disk, so they will be completely removed when coming back into the app.