Close all tabs upon exit

Due to an amputation, one-handed operation of the iOS Brave browser is not an option. Reducing the number of steps to clear tabs and close the browser would be a tremendous relief. I’ve bounced back and forth between other browsers that allow that functionality, but always came back to Brave for it’s superior privacy/blocking. The current non-one-hand-friendly steps required for a clean exit (and fresh, empty start) just really sucks (for me).

Voting this up.

Edge on IOS has implemented this feature.

Shifting to private browsing just to close all tabs on exit is not ideal solution.

This is very useful too since its hard to close all tabs on brave in bigger phones and ipads. The tabs menu is too small.

This is also a privacy win. As you dont have to rush on closing all tabs when you reopen your browser if you forgot to close all tabs when you exited.

I just want to confirm you both (@JHed and @Jojovanna ) are looking at the same thing I am and not making any incorrect assumptions on how to exit out. If you press and hold down on the little tab selector box, a menu comes up that can let you close all open tabs. There are also some extra options, all of which are very “one hand friendly.”

I’m on ipad so my bar is at the top. I do see that option but it isn’t as convenient as just “closing the app closes everything”.

You have to long press then select close all then close the app.