Give users the OPTION of specifying the number of TOP SITES they want on their opening Brave screen

I am requesting that Brave give users the ABILITY or OPTION to specify, within reasonable parameters, the number of TOP SITE locations that they would like to see being made available to them on their own Brave opening screen. At present, my Brave browser only shows 6 top sites but I would like the ability to see at least ten or twelve or even more.
I personally find the Brave TOP SITE icons to be very fast for me to identify versus using my bookmarks & I would like the ability to add even more to my Brave opening screen. Thanks for considering my suggestion & I hope that you all do implement it. Cheerio & bye. :grinning: 2020-08-30T22:58:00Z

Thanks for reaching out. We currently have an open issue for that !

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This, and several other issues, have been in an “open request” status since I started using Brave 2 or so yrs ago.

I second that request as it would be very helpful to have more Top Sites as they save a lot of time typing urls. To Brave webmasters, please consider this request!