Opening image on browser

WHY are we seeing Anubis and other evil images depicted on occasions when opening our browser with Brave? Are you trying to tell us something?

Can you share a screenshot?

It changes every time I open the browser, but next time it shows it’s ugly head, or any other of those characters, I will most certainly send you the offensive image. You should know what it means, and I don’t like it.

I think its the sponsored images … does it say age of gods anywhere on that page ?

Yes, in fact it is the sponsored image ad you get for Brave rewards

I’ll have a look next time. I’ve shut down now.

Is the image at the one you are seeing ?

If yes, then its definitely the ad from Brave rewards

Here is the antiChrist symbol of Anubus right in my face when I open your browser, why do you support such things?

That is a sponsored image for Brave rewards Ads, if you have rewards turned on you should be earning BATs

I did share a screen shot, did you not get it?

The image is attached, can you not see it? This is the second time I have sent it.

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