Brave Rewards showing phishing ads, malicious ads

Today I was browsing some websites and I received a malicious ad from Brave. I don’t have any screenshots of it but if it will happen again I will take a screenshot!

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Brave showed the malicious ad to you? Or was it the site you were browsing the one that showed you the ad?

There’s the BAT. I had it enabled and I did go to a website and brave did show me a malicious ads. You know how BAT works right? Earn tokens by viewing Brave Ads. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing behavior. And Brave didn’t send me a normal ad it did send me a malicious one.

You know what I’m saying right? I’m sorry I cant explain it good…

what’s that supposed to mean?

which site?, no links or screenshot either…

if you are so sure that it was brave browser’s ad system who showed you that ad, then it should be registered in the “7 days ad history” in brave://rewards.

maybe you allowed that site to show you notifications…

Well I reseted brave rewards and I disabled it. I cant find it now :sweat_smile: Btw sorry if you didn’t understand me. I’m Romanian and I don’t know English that good.

Next time you see an ad from Brave which looks malicious or fake, please take a screenshot of it.

There’s not much we can do if we can’t identify which ad you might have seen.


This is my Last comment on this subject, as it seems not many people want to listen.
I don’t take Ads, no matter whatever Dollar amount is offered by Brave BAT rewards. The reasoning is simple. And can be found using Any Browser.
Ads are One of the means used by many Unscrupulous people who tend to not only make sites show as Malicious, but also to mark you for Tracking. I don’t do the Brave rewards, BAT whatever. And set my Ad guard on Strict, as well as the Trackers. Want Proof?
Go to this Page. It’s one of the most Trusted Sites that explains Ads. Not All of those websites or browsers who try to keep the Ads limited are able to keep those who would insert malicious coding into the Ads, undetected by many.
Go here and read up.

–Spring A. (AKA Heidi) Robinson.

The ads that come from Brave Rewards are NOT accessed by going to a Web site, so this has nothing to do with Brave Rewards. Do you have Brave Shields turned on? If so, you should not be seeing ANY ads from Web sites.

Hi there.

Here are the Ads that brave is showing in your region. Could you identify it there?

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That just shows the ads from where the person opens the link from. Which country do you live in? So we can see the specific ads from your region.

Yeap, with that he could identify wich is the malicious one, take a screenshot and tell us, If that that he says is correct.


Thanks but you don’t need to. I don’t really use brave rewards.

Oh, if you don’t use Brave Rewards then you can just toggle the ads switch off.

Yeah i did. I just tried it out.

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Oh, by the way, I found this page of brave. There’s a question that says “What if I’m served an ad that is offensive or inappropriate?”, and a email there, you can report there what you seen, but provably they will request for the capture. Anyways you can put the alarm.

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Oh didn’t know! Thanks for saying it! But i don’t have evidence that it happened. I didnt screenshot it etc.

Well, If you see something like that again, you know what to do now. XD

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