Open tabs not syncing - android to desktop

  1. Cannot get any open tabs to sync from brave on android with desktop brave (windows). Sync chain is created and working for bookmarks and other categories if chosen. I can sync open tabs from desktop appearing under the recent tabs section of brave on android but not the other way around.

  2. I have tried restarting brave on both devices qnd creating new sync chain but no luck.

Android Version 1.12.113 android 8.0

This should work – can you try on your Android device going to the Share icon on a specific tab, then selecting Send to your devices and see if this sends tabs?

Thanks for getting back to me. I have checked and I do not have the send to your devices option. I tried to enable by going to chrome/flags on brave and searching for send tab but see no options (unsure if Brave uses a different process here). I have chrome for android installed but do not use it so not signed in. I do have the newer “nearby share” option available when selecting a tab to share. I have not set up this functionality yet. Anything else I can try as I would like to stay within the Brave sync system if possible?

The function is working now after the update brave released t the desktop version

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