How to access open tabs on android

I have the latest versions of brave in my desktop as well as on my android. After syncing both the devices I’m able to access open tabs from my computer to my android device perfectly but i don’t know how to access open tabs from my android to desktop.
Btw sorry for the dumb question but I searched it here on this website, I didn’t find anything related to it.

Operating systems: Windows 10, Android

Since I’m not completely understand the question :sweat_smile:

Android: available under Menu > Recent tabs
Desktop: available under Menu > History

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As you can see in the image I’m able to send a tab from my computer to my android


my question is that how to send a tab from my android to desktop

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Ah! Thanks for the confirmation. :+1:

To send tabs from mobile, go to Menu > Share icon > Send to your devices

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When I click ‘Send to your devices’ on my android device
It says ‘you must turn on the sync in your brave settings’. I have already turned on the sync

Here’s a screenshot of it

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Seems like it’s a known issue and the fix will be available within 1.14.x release (if not changed).


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