Open tabs and type directly

Good day all,
I’m new with Brave and I like it so far.
With my MacBook Air M1 , if I open a new tab, I can directly type in it.
But with my iPad Pro 11” 2020, after I’ve opened a new tab, I have to select the new tab before being able to write whichever website I want to look into.
There must be a setting I’m missing, therefore this message…
Thanks a lot for the hand:)

I am not sure if it actually exists as a setting. Rather it is how all browsers are, I suppose ?
On android whenever I open brave or chrome I get the page and have to click on URL bar to type too

On my MacBook Air M1 it Works automatically with Brave. As well as with Safari.
But on the iPad Pro 11”, for a reason I ignore, it doesn’t and I have to select the new tab to type inside. It works with Safari too. But just Brave doesn’t allow it to happen.

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