Accessibility request: open keyboard on new tab

Hi Brave people,

I would like to request the return of a feature that was scrapped in iOS mobile update 1.18.

In this update you’ve removed the option for opening up the keyboard when a new tab is opened.

This was a useful feature for a repetitive strain injury sufferer like myself. It doesn’t sound like much, but the extra reaching and tapping can make using a phone quite painful on the wrists. So small, seemingly insignificant features like these can make a big difference.

I was wondering if you could reintroduce this feature, with regards to accessibility.

Thank you for your consideration!


Restore this feature! I’m back to using Safari because it’s still an option. Not only is this an accessibility issue, but it also affects functionality and productivity. I wonder what the logic was to remove it…

I’ve been missing this feature since it was removed.
It was a great quality of life feature.
Please consider adding it back, it was really great.