Requests for iPad Keyboard Users

I use the keyboard with my ipad and normally with Safari I use several keyboard shortcuts to get around the browser faster. For example…

• I use Command+T to open a new tab and by default the URL field becomes active so I can type a search immediately after opening a new tab. With Brave, I can open a new tab, but I have to manually use my hands to select the URL bar and then type.

• With Safari I can press Command+1, Command+2, Command+3, etc to quickly go to my first, second, third (etc) tab. I’m unable to do this on Brave.

• On Safari, the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+T opens the last closed tab. Brave is missing this shortcut.

• (Unrelated to having a keyboard but…) On Safari I can move a tab and create a new split screen with two browser tabs viewable in one screen. I can split-screen with another app but unable to split screen 2 tabs on Brave.

I think these features can help efficiency for ipad users who use keyboards. Safari has these features so I am hoping Brave can implement somehow. Thank you!

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