Open multiple bookmarks, one per tab, with one click

I regularly open the same few websites on different tabs and work between them. Right now I am clicking on first bookmark, creating a new tab, clicking next bookmark, creating new tab…etc

Id like to click one button/keyboard stroke and open a new window with the same 5 preset websites, one on each tab. Is this possible?

Thanks for help

Mac os Sonoma 14.2 Beta

Brave 1.62.153

@rgrgrgrg you can create a bookmark folder with all those sites and then just click to open. For example, I have 17 websites in a bookmark called Bible verses as you see below:


If I hold down Ctrl and then left click on that, it will ask if I want to open them all.


As soon as I say yes, it opens them all up:

After I select Yes the first time, it no longer will prompt in the future. So all you’d have to do is Ctrl and Left Click to auto open in the future.

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