Favorites - Open All Tabs

Hello there! I would like to suggest a feature common on other browsers, “open all tabs”. So I can quick acess all my bookmarks on a folder in one go.

That’s a little thing that bothers me all the time, sometimes I have to acess 5 tabs simultaneously that communicate with each other to do my work and I need to open one by one on Brave.


Interesting, could you give more details about your question so we can help you, could you send a screenshot to offer you solutions or write notes for future updates? It is interesting what you are requesting so I would ask you to improve your Request Description a bit so you can get down to work.

Found this thread while coming to suggest the same thing. Hovering over a folder in your bookmarks dropdown will show the contained bookmarks. Simply clicking on the folder should open all of those bookmarks as tabs simultaneously.

Clicking on the “Example” folder here should open tabs for “example 1”, “example 2”, “example 3”, and “example 4”

There is a current way to do this, but it’s a bit clunky. You can go to Bookmark Manager, click into the desired folder, click on the first bookmark to highlight it, hold shift, click on the last bookmark (all bookmarks should now be highlighted), right click and select “open all”.