Open all bookmarks in folder or

 It would be great to be open all the bookmarks in a folder. This would save myself, and others I'm sure, a lot of time when we are doing things we have put all in one folder. 
 A simple button at the top or bottom to open them all would be great. Either that or the ability to select the ones we wanted to open then press a button for the group.
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If I click my mouse wheel on the folder, it opens all bookmarks in that folder. Does this work for you?

No. I have messed with it for a bit and all I can get the wheel to do is open a single bookmark like a normal click would. It has no effect on the actual folder. :frowning:

Interesting. I have various folders visible in my bookmarks bar. Within each folder is numerous bookmarks. If I center click (click my mouse wheel in) on one of the folders in my bookmarks bar, Brave opens all of the bookmarks within the folder I clicked in new tabs.

May I ask what brand/model of mouse it is

Either that, or is there a setting I have wrong? … lol … would not be the first time.

You only need to right-click on the bookmarks folder, then select Open All from the context menu:


Regular HP. Product number 686121-001.

Was hoping to give you the one-click shortcut, but looks like @Mattches has a solution for you as well.

This functionality already exists.

All you have to do is right click on a folder in Bookmark Manager, Other Bookmarks, Bookmark Bar → Open all (x), Open all (x) in new window, or Open all (x) in Private Window.

In Bookmark Manager, you can also manually select which bookmarks/folders you want to open together by using Shift + left click or Ctrl / Command + left click and then simply right click on a selected bookmark → Open all (x) . . .
This only works if the bookmarks are located in the same directory and will not open any nested folders’ bookmarks or child directories.
You can select 2 or more folders in the same directory and open all of their contents, but any contents in subfolders within the selected folders will not be opened.

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Okay everyone, A BIG THANK YOU!

I have been using the tittle bar NOT the Bookmark Manager. Everything works great in the Bookmark Manager area.

This will make things much easier. Thanks Again for all you help and Thank You Brave team for adding the feature even before I needed it.

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Great news. Woo! Glad you figured it out.

Thanks for your help

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