Open browser with tab groups closed by default

I have a couple of tab groups set up with about 5 or 6 tabs in each. When I open the browser I have it set to ‘continue where I left off’ however it expands all the tab groups every time. It would be good to save the state of the tab groups or close them for next browser open - otherwise i have to continually close the tab groups every time i open the browser.

its already closed by default, You need to collapse it before you exit the previous session.

That’s not true scavxo
If you collapse the groups, close the browser and then re-open it, the groups will be expanded.
The state of the groups should be saved to avoid having to collapse them every time you open the browser.

Leave atleast 1 New tab without adding to the group and close the browser profile(after collapsing Group if you want the Group tabs closed by default(while you Reopen that Profile)).

Watch the video for Clarity.