One of my computers can't connect the wallet to my browser anymore

I use 2 computers and a smartphone with Brave. The two computers are connected to the same wallet, on Computer 1 is everything fine, on computer 2 it is disconnected and can’t connect anymore for the reason of unsupported region. Thing is, I live in a supported region according to the Gemini homepage (Switzerland), my wallet is verified and transfers happened. I always use the newest Brave version, do not use any vpn. Wallet was verified probably december last year.


Edit: just tested it, same error would happen on m smartphone

Yeah, Switzerland should be one of them available. Is your Gemini registered with you in Switzerland?

Also, though I don’t think it plays as big a role, are you using a VPN or anything? What I’m trying to figure out is if your device Locale might be different and is causing issues? You can verify that by going to brave://rewards-internals and then clicking on Ads Diagnostics. It will tell you the Locale it sees you in. You’ll want to make sure that shows Switzerland as well. (This is just a random guess, not sure if it really impacts connecting to Uphold or Gemini, but it’s good to verify just in case)

Beyond that, I’d say to create a Support Ticket so Brave can try to look into things. You can create a Support Ticket by going to

Thanks for your answer.

As stated, I do not use a VPN. Only TOR if needed.

i checked rewards-internal, it showed (german) Switzerland, as it should.

I will write a support ticket later today.

Thank you for your help and have a nice weekend.

I apologize as I gave you a wrong answer. I’m not sure what I was thinking in my response. The truth is Switzerland is currently not one of the accepted regions for Gemini. Yes, you can have a Gemini account and use it, but they are not permitting Brave to connect. You can see a list of accepted countries at NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

With Switzerland not being listed there, that means you would not be in a supported region for Brave (in terms of connecting to Gemini). Again, I apologize that I spoke incorrectly as I should have caught that and immediately answered as such when you mentioned.

Thank you for your answer. Well, guess I can enjoy having one connected Browser for as long as it keeps being that way and just wait until things change. Guess I have to look into Uphold.

IMO, I would wait that brave enable switzerland again.

Based on the information I’ve read here and there, some countries were removed based on local regulations. In that regard, Switzerland is not “stringent” or “against” crypto/blockchains compared to the other removed countries. In fact, Gemini Europe even uses a Swiss bank.

Hence, I believe that Switzerlad was removed because it is not part of the EU of EEA (for example, Norway was not removed). I also believe that Switzerland will be rapidly re-introduced, compared to the other countries.

I’m in the same situation as you (I reseted my desktop recently, but didn’t see this notice before proceeding), but I will probably wait a bit to see how this evolves rather having two different wallet services.

Also thank you for your reply. Since there is no need to hurry, I guess I wait a bit.

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