Nos solved: install with administrator rights: what does Brave want?

Hello. I am still waiting for a response. Maybe programmers don’t read the questions of the community?
When I install Brave at my job computer, as I don’t have Administrator rights, after failing in installation with admin rights it prompts me that Brave can be installed without administrator rights.
My question is: why is Brave trying to install WITH admin rights, if can work without them? What wants to get from that rights?
Thank you.

Any idea? I have looked about that. Is because it wants to install in Program Files? Or wants to write on the Registry, despite it is not compulsory to make Brave run?

Yes, it maybe true that Brave Browser could be installed without administrator rights but since you’re installing it in your place of work then the restriction comes from your work’s very own system administrator. Just like in most offices that implements strict security, they won’t allow employees to just install any software on their work computer unless given permission by their system administrator. Just try to ask your system administrator or any of the employees under him to install the Brave Browser for you.

Thank you for your response. Your information is something I already know.
What I want to know is WHY BRAVE tries to install with administrator rights, if it can work without that rights? What benefits does need that doesn’t have if installed without administrator rights? Thank you.

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