On linux its not possible to change playback speed in x aka twitter

Description of the issue:

on linux its not possible to change playback speed in x aka twitter

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. use brave on linux
  2. visit x.com or twitter.com
  3. find a video and try to change playback speed

Expected result:

to see a gear where you can change the playback speed of the video

Brave Version:


Additional Information:

its possible to change playback speed on firefox in x aka twitter. windows version of brave can do this too. have no idea why brave on linux doesnt have the gear icon.

brave screenshot:

compare to firefox:

nobody else got this issue? :ghost: :alien:

Gear icon appears normally on my end on macOS. Did this issue just occur or has it always been this way?

Can you also please tell me what version of Linux you’re using when you see this issue?

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i recently started to use brave so idk if its always been like this or not. i use fedora linux 39. i got brave from flathub. thanks a lot for your response. :heart:

I’m wondering if it has to do with the flatpak release. Can you try downloading the Beta build via the terminal install instructions and test to see if you get the same behavior on Twitter there?

Note that installing/running the Beta will not interfere with your current installation.

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its the same:

Screenshot from 2024-02-14 21-12-01


Thank you for testing.
Let me see if I can get some of our Linux folks to test this.

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bump :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left: interesting nobody noticed this yet. could this be a X thing?

I also have this bug on Linux Mint.

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This does appear to be Twitter specific — some team members on our end are also not seeing the icon in either Beta or stable but do see them on other OS. I will dig a bit more on this but I think this is ultimately something Twitter will need to fix on their end.

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yes i think this is affected by every chromium based browser on linux. since brave has a verified organization account on x it would be very great if you could contact x about it. thanks a lot

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btw just tested changing my user agent to windows chrome and it appeared. its just x missing when request from linux. only issue is how we can let them know about this. its just funny that nobody (all chromium based users) never noticed it. this thread now appears high on google search :moyai:

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