Old PSA, no longer in effect, though still informative

I see MANY people posting here lately in a panic because they think they aren’t getting their rewards. While it may be true some people will have been flagged or have some issue preventing earnings, the vast majority here will yet see their BAT arrive.

  • When you look at your Brave Rewards area, you may be seeing a banner that says Your +1.216 BAT January rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! Check status (number will be different, obviously) If you see this, it means your BAT has not been delivered to you or your custodial wallet (which is Gemini or Uphold).

Yes, payouts begin on the 7th of each month. Yet if you clicked on the Check Status button you’ll have been directed to a post that advises:

Are payouts still processing?
Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on 7th of each month, it may take several days to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress

  • When your BAT arrives, your banner stating it’s on the way will update and it will either say Congrats, January rewards have arrived! if you have an unverified wallet. Then within 24 hours you should see a Claim button that will let you get your BAT.

  • If you have a verified wallet, the banner will instead disappear. At that point, you should see the BAT within your Gemini or Uphold account within about 24 hours, give or take.

How long does it take to receive payments? I have received BAT as early as the 8th of a month and as late as the 24th.

  • If you wonder what takes so long, I can’t honestly tell you the specifics because I’m not sure. I will tell you that Brave processes exactly which ads we’ve seen, has to apply our commission from what they are charging advertisers for their ads, they run it through to make sure there’s no fraud, etc. Once that processing occurs, they then send out to our wallets.

  • If we have Gemini or Uphold, they then also have to receive and sort all of the currency. They are given notice that it’s coming but they will make sure everything is processed and they have it in their possession before they tell us it’s there and we can use it. In many countries, there are regulations in place regarding data collection and reporting. They run it through everything and then it arrives to us.

NOTE That’s a generic idea, to paint a picture. I can’t say it’s exact but I know it’s how cash generally works at least.

So as we sit and wait for BAT to arrive, try to think of it like when you order a package or a friend sends you a letter. Just because postage stamps are applied and it sent out for delivery, it doesn’t mean our package will magically appear in our hands. It has to go through multiple means of transportation and inspections before it finally gets to us…sometimes experiencing delays or getting lost. But overall, most packages arrive just fine.

  • And while I’m writing this, my Desktop still is waiting to receive my BAT. Yet my Android has already had BAT delivered to Uphold. So remember, it all comes at different speeds. Each device has its own wallet to be delivered and sometimes one will come faster than the other. There’s no rhyme or reason, it’s just how lucky you are on how fast they process your information and everything arrives.

When in doubt or if it’s been 2 weeks, then send a DM to one of the people below along with your Wallet Info from Brave://rewards-internals

  • Mattches
  • Steeven
  • SaltyBanana

This is my first month of using brave so I appreciate the input, I figured it would take a while especially as number of users grows. My question currently is what has happened to my BAT earning for this month, it seems I stopped receiving BAT for February through ads as soon as January payments began processing, just wondering if this is typical?

Simple answer is no, it’s not typical.

I’m not sure which way you mean. Are you saying you’re getting absolutely no ads, that you’re seeing ads but not getting BAT, or are you just saying you’re not getting as much BAT as you’d hope?

@weezinggg troubleshooting ads and BAT is a long and complicated thing as there’s lots of little details that can cause issues. Also until they implement notifications to advice if an account has been flagged, we don’t know that either. Along with that is the rate at which we see ads will vary on a lot of factors. For example, some ads target particular operating systems only. Others might be only people living in particular regions. The list goes on. We all have days where hardly a single ad will appear as well as some days where the ads pour in nonstop.

I do not get “notification” ads, but I get ads when I open a new tab, however I receive 0 BAT, I am currently frozen at 0.800 BAT for the past few days. Flagged or?

@weezinggg It’s possible. I’m going to have you look at something for me. Go to brave://rewards-internals/ and you should see a tab that says Ad Diagnostics. It should show some information there. For example, on mine it shows:

Ads enabled: true

Locale: en-US

Catalog ID: (I removed this number/code from this post before posting, not sure if important and when in doubt, don’t risk it)

Catalog last updated: 2/9/22, 9:03:34 PM

Last unidle timestamp: 2/9/22, 10:25:49 PM

This is something people haven’t often referenced, but I just want to see if it shows enabled and if it’s communicating with the catalog and all.

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I can see the banner but still I haven’t received my rewards in my Uphold account.

That just means that brave has done their part and you should end up seeing an update within a 24 hour period with Uphold.

That just means that brave has done their part and you should end up seeing an update within a 24 hour period with Uphold.

@Saoiray If our wallet is unverified and we’re seeing that Congrats! our January rewards have arrived banner since Feb 7th on an Android device then we should just chill and expect a Claim button popping at some point during the next few days/weeks?

Ads enabled: true

Locale: en-CA

Catalog ID:

Catalog last updated: 2/10/22, 6:57:51 PM

Last unidle timestamp: 2/10/22, 6:58:51 PM

It started during the turn of the month, I have not downloaded anything new, as I work a lot and mainly use it for web purposes.

@weezinggg Understood. Just pointing out in case you didn’t know, but I’m a regular user who just tries helping here. I’ve been learning a lot and been reaching out to staff from Brave to try to learn things. A lot of what I have to offer is a blend from personal experiences, what resolved for others, experimentation, and what I am told by Brave. That said, I’m limited on knowledge but still try. The information I had you put is something I’m THINKING means you’re at least connected to the ad-server and it’s updating. Now, it is saying you’re in Canada, which I’m assuming you’re going to tell me is your region. I’m also assuming the work computers aren’t running on VPN and would have both their Locale and IP address set to Canada, right? Just is an oddball thing that can cause issues on occasion, but I doubt it’s it.

I know only Brave staff like @Mattches would be able to look to see if you’ve been flagged by chance. For them to do that, they would need you to send them the Wallet Info you see at brave://rewards-internals/ in a DM. (not here publicly, but only private message to them). If you’re seeing ads but not getting BAT, I’m wanting to say it’s definitely an issue that needs to be handled on the servers only Brave can access.

If you hadn’t been seeing ads, there’s a lot more to look at. But seeing ads and not getting BAT usually is either you’re seeing ads from outside your region (like if your Locale and IP address was different, such as you’re in the United States but it’s showing you Canada ads, you’d get no BAT) or the system ended up flagging you for whatever reason.

@Drakkos Typically Unverified wallets do end up in the Brave browser pretty much instantly. There have been times of delays, even where I remember having to wait a couple weeks when I first started with Brave. This often is due to high traffic or issues with Brave, but I have seen it happen. I’ve reached out to Steeven and am hoping he gets back to me here soon about Logs and if they might be able to help us figure out if there’s an issue and, if so, which issue a person has.

As to Verified, those are ones that CAN have an extra delay as information is passed between Brave and either Uphold or Gemini. Still, about the time that it says it’s arrived or you notice the banner vanish, it should be there or appear in 24 hours, like I mentioned.

The only thing I was saying is a lot of people were acting like BAT was going to arrive for everyone on the 7th and I have been trying to explain that it doesn’t quite work that way, unfortunately. Many will get rewards within 3 days, but some of us might wait longer on occasion. Here it is almost 11pm on February 10 and my Desktop Browser connected to Uphold still has not received its BAT, yet my Android connected to Uphold received it late the other night. So it gets screwy.

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@Saoiray Don’t forget Focus Assist :wink: That was a problem for me at one point, wasn’t getting notifications and wasn’t earning BAT even though was viewing or clicking them in NTP.

@Chocoholic Yeah, I almost put that but they had mentioned seeing ads but not getting BAT. Since they got notifications, it seemed like Focus Assist wasn’t an issue. Thanks for mentioning though, in case I forgot.

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You guys have stated you made payments on February 9th. And the payments are presenting themselves as complete. Additionally Brave has stated they have issued all Gemini payments. However, I have not received payments Brave states they sent on February. This is the 3rd month of this happening. Why is this happening? Nothing is wrong with my wallet being sync’d or anything. The only issue is when it’s time to receive payment from Brave. My Gemini wallet shows a balance of zero and no payments have been issued since January. What is the disconnect? Gemini states they have received nothing from Brave in the month of February. Why is Brave stating payments have been made on February 9th, but no payments have been made? Brave has not issued a payment since 1/17, it is now 2/10. No payment was issued on 2/9 as can be seen in the transaction history of my Gemini account I only use to accumulate BAT.
jan rewards have NOT arrived nor were sent

I already had focus assist turned off, and I am not getting notification ads anymore, just the ads if I open a new tab.

Same thing ever month, people complaining that they are not being rewarded & this has been going on for well over a year.
There so many complaining about this one issue, I would think it’s time that Brave come clean with all of the users. There are no more rewards. I was in early & received BAT for 4 or 5 months and nothing. Just stopped dead. Not a thing changed on my end and now after looking at all of these complaints & the replies of reassurance, nothing has changed. The gig is up. Just tell the people.
There are browsers right around the corner that will be offering the same concept. Brave is actually a decent browser.
Move now before you get to the point of no return.


@Badabing Unfortunately a lot of the people not receiving payments are at fault for it as it tends to be suspicious behavior that gets them flagged. This is people using VPN to try to circumnavigate ad restrictions, running emulators on their computers or other devices to try to “farm” BAT, manually editing Brave files, etc.

That’s not to say a decent amount of people don’t wrongly get flagged and just have to message staff to get it resolved, but everyone who does right eventually gets all their pay. And you are right, a lot of users unfortunately do put duplicate posts or even complain about things that have already been resolved. Such as when they said Gemini is down for maintenance and that it would take additional time to receive rewards. I saw hundreds of people who chose NOT to read notifications and to post here asking why they weren’t getting their BAT. By them not researching first and putting bloat on the forum, it made REAL issues harder to see and respond to, as it pushed them further down the list.


@Saoiray I was pleasantly surprised to have a response & so quickly. It did move me to action checking my Brave account, something I had not done in some time.

I did notice something that had changed since the last time I had looked.

Brave has classified me as a Verified Creator.

I am not a Creator and as I recall the only time that I was required to “verify” something was My Wallet held with Uphold.

I did look to see how this classification could be changed but was unsuccessful.

Could this have been the problem all the time?

I have included a copy of my BAT transactions since I began with Brave.

Anything you could do to shed more light on this issue is greatly appreciated.


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:clap:t2: someone had to say it and you did it :100: In its last paragraph, the great part of the problem is summarized :money_mouth_face: thank you for your time and dedication to this blog