If I don't have recieved my brave rewards? Waht can I do?

Hello, I can’t receive my retribituions from brave rewards, with my last nick name, the same, what can i do? create and create new nick names, and what is the solution?

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sorry, I can’t understand exactly what is your problem !
can you explain it properly

When can i expect my Payout for JAN 2022??

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@Sonit read Psa: receiving bat payouts- everyone please read

@jac71 Jac, is English the language you are most comfortable with or is there one you might speak better? I ask just because the phrasing you used is slightly different than we do and I want to make sure we can understand each other well.

If I understand, you created Brave but did not receive ads. Then you tried a new profile but again had no ads. Now you are asking what the solution is so you can see ads and earn Brave Rewards. Does this sound right?

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