Old Internet Explorer support

IE is considered “the app to download an actual browser” for more than a decade now, but, there’s one problem with brave.com. You cannot download Brave via IE 8 or older =)
The site seems to use the latest css and js standards, which results in displaying the site like just a bunch of links, as it was in first colored cellphones with WAP/GPRS. Which is ok by itself, BUT there’s no simple link (like A tag) for downloading the Brave installer.

(We’re talking about outdated OS’s here, of course)

On the home/download page, there’s this link:

But once I click there, the site redirects me to the Linux download page. The site mistakenly redirects all versions of IE, except for IE11, to the Linux page. It just doesn’t recognize older IE versions as Windows browsers. So, IE10 users (are there any tho?) could only download Brave using the small Windows download link under the main Download button. But again, those links are absent (or invisible) in IE < 10.

In IE9 site styles are half-working, making the download button unavailable at all:

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