How i can download browser?

i have:

Are you trying to download Brave from the official website? I’m getting a little different link when I copy the link address of the Download button.

Check over here:

thats same, can you past direct link ?

Sure, give it a try:

not working i have again

"The connection is not private
Attackers may be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit card details). More information

I don’t have an explanation why you’re getting the error but you should be able to continue with the downloading of the browser.

  1. Visit my link.
  2. Click on the white left button. I don’t know Polish but it should be saying something like “Advanced”.
  3. Another option should appear, it should be saying Proceed....

normally I know I can choose “continue anyway” but now I don’t have this option, I can’t skip it

i dont have this button

Check the date and time of your computer and make sure it is correct. Certs have start & expiration dates. If your computer believes it is date which fall outside of the certs start and expiration date then you will get a cert error.

i have correct date and hour, i have fresh windows now,
someone can give a direct link to the file?

Do you have any extensions installed? If so try disabling them to see if that fixes the issue. If not, I recommend scanning your computer for any viruses using your antivirus software.


Might be better to test with a fresh user profile, that would eliminate possible issues with extensions and browsing data.

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i think i have malware or something, now i’m doing eset malware scan (3 objects at start) but is somethingf wrong with pc, i have installed GG (polish communicator) but the emoticins are represent as “box numers” i dont know what the ffffffff. I will try later after scan. but the windows is fresh (3 hour)

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after scan is always that same

Hey @ecnart1 !

Can you see if you can access the links using another browser? I see you have internet explorer opened, are you experiencing the same issues with that? If so then I am 80% sure you may be experiencing symptoms of a virus.


is the same i cant download another browser to download another browser… its “circulus vitiosus” i make scan by Avast and ESET i found 3 files and i cant do nothing

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