Downloading brave for a different device platform than the device being used

So I’ve been trying to download the brave beta for Windows directly from the brave website but I’m on an android. And your site thinks it’s so clever knowing the device I’m using. but it’s actually looking kinda bad. It keeps directing me to ether to the android download if I’m in mobile mode and the Linux download if I’m in desktop mode, I’ve even tried incognito mode both ways and the same thing happens. I know I could download it somewhere else but I feel like I shouldn’t have to because I came directly to braves site. kind of an annoying issue. Seems like when you click the all downloads link you should get to a page that has all the links conveniently laid out in one place. I’m still looking maybe I’ll find it.

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For that you go to Github, which will contain all the latest releases, even the ‘pre-releases’ and not just the latest ones.

This is the latest Beta available today:

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