Offline Youtube Downloads not working

In the Mobile Browser (I can only speak for iOS) we used to be able to download YT videos (at least for some days) for offline viewing. Some time back, the UI changed and the button became “view later” or something. When I click this whilst visiting a YT URL, an entry does appear in the Playlist, but nothing loads. When you click on the entry a popup appears:

An error occurred whilst loading the resource

Has development of this feature been abandoned? Has something fundamentally changed, so that YT videos can no longer be loaded for later viewing?

EDIT: System specs

  • OS iOS==17.5.1
  • App Brave Browser==1.67



Either click the button at the top or the 3 dots.

This creates an entry in the Playlist

… which does not load. And if you click it to (re)load it (or indeed draw left and click the cloud symbol) this results in the error:

We still can. I do this on a regular basis and was able to do it just now as I was double checking.

No clue what you’re speaking about. The button is to Add to Brave Playlist and then it appears inside Playlist under the header of Play Later.

Haven’t had that happen for me yet. That said, I have gotten into a habit of ALWAYS opening Playlist after I choose to add something to it. The reason being it doesn’t seem to automatically download even though I have set it to. It only seems to download if I open Playlist after adding a video, then it checks and downloads. If you’re not doing that right along and only add it, then there might be some issue occurring due to it not saving.

When you created this topic, it would have generated a template. You deleted the template and left out a lot of details it asks for, such as which version of Brave you’re using and which OS. You mention iOS, but which one?

Could you also give more details on how you’re doing things? For example, which method(s) are you using to add videos to Playlist? Do you open Playlist right away?

Or if want to add from the top instead of via the hamburger menu:

I have updated the question to include system infos + example. I usually did things via the button that looks like a musical note at the top (see 1st image). For comparison I have done it again using the 3-dots menu.

Before the UI changes (some time in 2023) the videos seemed to automatically load / be loading by the time I opened the play list. Only occasionally did one need to click on the entry and (re)load them (e.g. if the internet connection was disrupted or the download entry had expired). Now it consistently does not load automatically, and furthermore when I try to get it to download I get that error message.

I also get sometimes (but not always) the following error message from the 3-dots menu (I have demonstrated it here however from the Playlist):

It says

Storage is almost full

Video- und audio downloads for offline purpose may require
large amounts of storage on your device.
Please remove files to free up space.

I removed a bunch of old entries in the Playlist, but still get this error. Does “storage” in this error refer to the Playlist or something else? On my device I definitely have lots of space, as I am able to download other items. So the issue can be isolated to the Brave app. Is there some setting in the App for storage limits that I have to update?