Office 365 does not show Symantec VIP Access dialogue

Brave version 1.4.95
Click Sign In
Enter email address and password

If the system is set up to also require a symantect vip access code, the dialogue box to enter the code does not appear. There are no buttons to click or input boxes to fill in

I guess the Symantec is regarded as some sort of pop up which is blocked by default

How can I allow the pop up to occur?

Can you check with Allow all cookies, does that help?

Yes, thanks!

Setting all cookies allows the symantec vip access dialogue to appear and I can now access outlook

But does “allow all cookies” not negate one of the big advantages of Brave?


Some sites use third-party cookies, and will break if they’re blocked. No security issue if you trust the site, I would still recommend keeping them enabled/blocked by default.

Thanks for confirming!

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