Offer Image Ad Banners for Referral Link

I think it would be very wise to offer Brave image banner ads for publishers so it’s easier to get referrals. This in return will help spread the word of mouth of this amazing platform.

Offer image ads for (728x90, 300x250 etc.).

I am a website owner with over 1000 daily visitors. It’s not the biggest hassle, but I made my own image ad and linked it to my referral code. I think this is a no brainer and something that should be offered in the publishers home area.

Anyway, I’m new to Brave and love it. Bye bye Chrome and Firefox.

Welcome to community @cgend! And thanks for your feedback!

@cgend like some banners that available here? :wink:

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Perfect, you should add a link to this in the publishers area :wink:


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