Awesome ads giving a lot of BAT in India!

I was just using Brave as normal and saw my earnings increase by 0.325 after seeing two ads. I was amazed, I thought was a bug so I checked the website

And woah, it has a Brave sponsored image ad giving 0.3 BATs. That’s awesome! Thanks Brave! :slight_smile:

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It’s been like that in many places I guess. Last few months the rewards have been incredibly low, and not all the sudden they are decent again, as they were in the past.

Please if anyone know why this is happening, let us know.

(Hopefully it’s not a miscalculation)

Well, there’s no explanation. Probably businesses are recovering and willing to spend more on ads therefore the steep rise in BATs paid and amount of ads displayed.

It’s Braves in-house ad. No businesses recovering but my guess is they can spend more on ads due to the recent false mass locking of Rewards accounts. Still no official statement on that btw.

I know that it’s an I house ad. But lately all ads have been paying more. Like just 2 months ago or so, the highest paying were not more than 0.025. Now many pay 0.025 and some even 0.05.

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