All my money from Brave Wallet is GONE! Please Help

I’ll copy my reply to your DM, this way others can see as well.

  1. Brave Wallet is self custodial, meaning you’re 100% in control. There’s nothing that can be done by Brave when you’ve given access to something and money/crypto is taken. It can’t be “taken back” or anything.

  2. I’m just another regular person, a User here. I do volunteer a lot of time and assist with things, but I am not an employee with Brave. You can tell who is with Brave based on their icons here. For example:

  1. You need to report your incident to the local authorities. Whether they will do something about it is a whole other discussion, but it was theft and fraud.

  2. Keep in mind any crypto moved can be traced. So you should be able to find the transactions and see where it went. That information can help law enforcement and exchanges to find the people who did it. (if they are willing to do so)

There is someone else who fell for a scam lately, you can see at I think a scammer posted a fake link to "support" and stole my seed phrase

And there was official and unofficial notices about it, such as:

and mine at

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