Notice : An update on Brave Rewards UI

I’m noticing a lot of people straying from the thread topic and so I’m going to close it for now.

For the folks asking about suspension status as a publisher, please refer to Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

For folks trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of how X BAT does not equal Y BAT, we honestly need to break it into specific, separate threads to cover those scenarios. Chances are someone else has already asked, so please use the search function.
We should be able to talk through it in a generic sense, but for folks wanting the specific details for THEIR specific properties, it may be best to wait a bit as our backend systems are busy (there are A LOT of you).

We should be just about wrapped up with payouts for this month, so no more ‘Pending payout’ messages should be active.

Your feedback has been really enlightening about where we need to do more documentation & education. I’m truly grateful for your patience and understanding as we build this system together.

Thank you!