Old user of brave(feedback)


I used to use Brave back in the day when it was just Brave rewards. only the reason i left was because of the awful input delay in the address box when i was typing back in 2019. Switched to firefox ever since and recently i came back to Brave due to youtube doing the 5secs delay thing on firefox users(something to do with adblockers?)brave felt more snappy than firefox but then the annoying input address bar thing is still there after afew days i tried to fix it like turning off auto compelete and top sites off still didnt work. looking through the settings turning off all the Brave rewards, crypto stuff, Leo AI and vpn so much stuff that isnt needed at all i dont mean to be rude but its like bloatware

also I noticed in my startup parameters that the vpn from brave is auto starting and puts an icon in my tray i never asked for that even turning it off in settings in brave it was still there in startup what the heck?

Then looking at images bigger than 4000x3000 would cause small black squares in a checkered pattern to flash up for a milsecond turning off hardware acc fixed it but going back to firefox and doing the same test no more black squares

please make a lite ver of brave without all the extra stuff and keep it 100% a privacy browser