Is this a glitch?

Just two or three days ago I received 10.65 BAT for my 8th confirmation, yesterday I see one more confirmation in my dashboard but I don’t see any BAT rewards for that, it’s still showing as 10.65, should I wait or is this a glitch?

Hi @SurajSuan04 - thanks for reporting. It can take a bit for the display to update. Let me know if it doesn’t update correctly in the next day.

Thanks in advance!

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Oh, okay… Thanks for the response.:slightly_smiling_face:

@SurajSuan04 Of course!!

It hasn’t updated yet. It’s still showing 10.65 BAT

@steeven, it’s been two days already and no changes has been done yet.

@steeven, nothing has been updated yet, it’s been almost a week, even I had raised the topic last time for the similar issue but it was closed by saying it was about the change in payout scheme which I think it was not…anyway, I want anybody from the support team to resolve this issue ASAP.

Hi @SurajSuan04 - have the number of confirmations updated? Please note that we’re still 18 days away from the next payout.

Nothing has been updated, it’s still showing 10.65 BAT. I haven’t received my 9th confirmation rewards, I got 10.65 BAT for my 8th confirmation and yes I am aware that the payouts are done in the first week of every month but if it’s not updated in my dashboard even after a week then it’s almost like I will miss out my 9th confirmation reward. So please do check into it and update it in the reward section.

Will my issue be resolved or should I forget about my payment for my 9th confirmation?

Can anybody respond to this and resolve ? If it’s not possible, you can just say that reward system is not proper and won’t be paid as said, we can understand. If issues are not responded and resolved then what’s the use of this???

@steeven @Asad or anybody who can look into this and resolve? It’s been almost two weeks creating this topic

Please wait until next payout, the totals etc. are calculated during this process. I’d allow another 2 weeks just to be careful. If there’s still an issue, we can look into it then.

Well, alright…let me wait and see then

@Asad @steeven
I waited for two weeks as you said and I didn’t get my reward for my 9th confirmation, I just received 10bats to my uphold, what to do now?

Can anybody resolve it or should I forget about it?? Just give me the clarification on that, been waiting since a month… Ugh!!!

I don’t understand why this community was made when it doesn’t even respond to the issues created more than a month.

Hi @SurajSuan04 - did your 9th confirmation take place during the first week of December? There is a freeze period during that period.

Can you share a screenshot of your Creator Dashboard?

Thank you for your patience!

No, not during the freeze period, I created this topic on Dec 13th and I mentioned that a two or three days ago, that is, on 10th or 11th I received 10.65 BAT for my 8th confirmation and the next day I saw one more confirmation but the BAT rewards were not updated to that.

Hi Suraj,

You should get any missing rewards in next month’s payout. Hang in tight and we’ll pay you out on February 8th. :slight_smile: