Not receiving rewards for the last 6 months

i Have not received any rewards for the past 6 months. I m from india



Connected to Uphold /Gemini?

There is no option to connect to uphold or Gemini.
I can see brave adds they are coming from time to time, but i m not getting my estimated rewards and it’s been like this for 5-6 months.

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Yes, then you won’t earn since not connected to Gemini / Uphold. This was communicated many times from Brave in the brave rewards section of Brave.

But don’t worry, Zebpay is added for India. It’s already there in Windows brave release will be coming to Android shortly too since playstore Updates take up more time

Hey, but doesn’t Zebpay charge a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC per month? And that means whatever I’ll earn through Brave will be charged by them. What Do I get?

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Damn! Do they charge that fees!

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Looks like otherwise why would they put it on their website?

I guess will be waived since most likely we get a payment every month which is a transaction. Lol

I am connected but the estimated rewards are so small! Unbelievable

You connected just now, it takes some time for you to see ads and earn more, right

I created a Zebpay account on September 1st and connected it to Brave Beta. The Brave Rewards payout is scheduled to arrive on October 8th.
However, my Zebpay account will have one month on October 1st. Will I be charged for the membership fee on that date?
Please let me know.

Not quite sure. Maybe contact their customer support and ask.

Please ask Zebpay customer support, do let us know.

But that is not trade, it is a deposit txn.

Oh no, not just now. A month has passed and almost nothing generated.

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