Not receiving full bat payments

I’m writing this to prevent this issue from closing.

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Hi there. It appears I am starting to have this same issue. I have two synced devices and I did not receive the BAT payments for either of them this month (March); see screenshots. I also recall this happening to me on one of my devices back in November and didn’t know this was a known issue.

@steeven is this something you can help me with?

hi @Maximus_7618 payments for this month are still in process, in my case I received the payment for one of my two wallets

Oh cool, thanks for that information @JohnDproof. I will keep an eye out for it then. I wasn’t sure if the payouts would be automatic now after having a verified Uphold wallet or not since this would be my first month as such. I would previously need to click on a “Claim” hyperlink on both devices to have the BAT tokens stored in Brave. I’m guessing I won’t need to do that anymore?

Are you F-ing kiddingme, 6 month in a row with almost no Bat payment. My estimated for tis month was 5.39 and just now I received a 0.55 BAT payment. This is just absurd and a joke in the face! where do you get an estimated 5.30 and then pay 0.55!! i want all the bat that i’m owed including past months! so far i have been skamed out on about 40 BAT in payments.

Seriusly im getting tired of this.


It’s been two months since my BAT payment reached my verified Uphold account from my main computer.
From my mobile phone it transfers without worries to the same Uphold account (verified) BUT the accumulated sums do not correspond for the same account.
Wouldn’t BRAVE be a grazer s.c.a.m ?

Okay first of all this thread wasn’t about a discrepancy between estimated and the actual payouts. The problem was the amount of BAT received per ad and my monthly earnings were reduced by about 90% or more. I went from receiving 30-40 BAT a month for my browsing to only getting 3-4 BAT a month with zero change in browsing habits and no change in the amount of ads received. If anything I was browsing more. Now that that’s out of the way I wanted to provide an update. Now the payouts have been a little better considering what I was receiving before but they’re still not what they used to be as you can see from my previous post with screenshots. I’ve still not received an explanation as to why payments were reduced? (Screenshots attached) Now here are screenshots of the last 3 months payments in January, February & this current payout. As you can see payments are still significantly lower than they used to be. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon enough because this has gone on far too long. I mean just look at this thread, we deserve at least an update or something. Thank you.

@Malvu @NXViper @Maximus_7618

Payments are still processing. Please follow this post for updates - March 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status. If you haven’t received by Monday, please follow the steps in the post for reaching out. Thanks!

@m4dpr0ph3ss0r - did you receive this months payment?

Yes that’s in the list of screenshots from my last post. They’re showing on my end anyways, idk if it might be a cache thing? It is still significantly lower than used to be as you can see, even though they have improved somewhat. Still no change in browsing habits, or ads that are coming through. I’m getting “New Tab” ads, notification ads, the whole lot, just seems payments have been reduced.

the ads are paying less to everyone and I think this is going to be like that from now on. and if the bat value keep increasing is very likely the bat paid per ad will decrease as well.

and yeah, I think the brave team should give a public explanation on the matter


The same goes for February because I did not receive it?

Thank you

Yeah that was exactly my point to begin with. Ever since the price of BAT has increased and bigger and bigger corporate advertisers are buying space the payments have dropped. No explanation and nowhere has that ever been stipulated. If you read through the previous posts I was assured this was not the reason, albeit without being given an alternate explanation. Either way it’s wrong. Because the price of BAT increased I’m gonna get my ad revenue cut? The publisher/creator program has already been practically slashed to pieces to the point it’s worthless anymore. All the while bigger and bigger advertisers are buying space. This was supposed to be a browser and project to give the power back to the people when it came to advertising and data privacy. If you ask me slashing ad revenue and everything else goes completely against that. It’s wrong and completely spits in the face of the people who have been here since day 1 supporting and promoting the project, like me. It’s all there in the previous posts.


Could’t be more from the truth to be honest. You have a great point.

Still waiting for my AD’s payout to my Uphold account as of today. I’ll come back edit this I guess if I get a payout.

Same here, at first last year i could made 30 to 40 BAT a month using the browser all day. Now its only 5 or so. But then they only transfer an arbitrary amout. This month was a joke in particular. From 5.34 BAT estimated to 0.55 beeing transfered.

@steeven Another failed payout this month. What Information do I need to provide to you.

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Hi @TrackRunny - Payments are still processing. Please follow this post for updates - March 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status. If you haven’t received by Tuesday, please DM me. Thank you.


Hello, I have just received 0.250000 BAT which does not correspond at all with the statements of my Brave deferent browser, I am starting to ask myself questions …

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I received the same 0.25 BAT too. I have BAT sitting in an Android browser and on a desktop browser that hasn’t transferred. Something is not working right.