Not receiving full bat payments

same issue at December paymet, and i did DM @steeven but there is no answer so far

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Same… No response from Steeven…

Its already been 17 days when I posted my issue lol, and months ago for the original poster in this thread, could they just please pay us out correctly and we can move on?

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@steeven Could you inform us on whats happening?

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@TrackRunny please see DM.

Hello @steeven, can you reply to me please, I’ve been waiting for you reply for more than 10 days.
Today I only got paid 1.125 BAT, not even close for what I made during November, I can show you a Print Screen from my Uphold account.

@FrankGates0491 did that match up to your estimated pending rewards?

@steeven, Don’t match, pending payment 2.315 BAT and I only got paid 1.125 BAT, and that is only for my 1st profile, I have more than 30 profiles on Brave, I don’t wanna claim the rest of the rewards on those profiles because last month I only got paid for 4 profiles and I don’t want it to happen again.
I DM you a few days ago explaining my case and you requested me some info.

Same. Since November with pending BATs,

They never pay me on the indicated day :frowning:
I don’t have a iOS device

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You don’t deserve to get full payment if this is true!

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Why?, I don’t see it what is wrong with it, I watch every Add Notification.

Checked your dm, responded. No payout so far. I am aware verified upload wallets are still pending for payouts so I will be on the lookout.

Once again, I only got paid yesterday for only 4 profiles and don’t even match the amount that I received from the amount that I made watching adds.
Yesterday, all day long Uphold server apparently was down, I think that happen almost every payday so I don’t know if that is the reason of our lack of payments.

Look at my uphold account.

@FrankGates0491, all your 30 profiles are linked to the same uphold right?

There’s a limit of 4 wallets linked per uphold account that’s way you only get 4 payments.
Respecting the amount, the bat must be in your pending rewards for at least 2 weeks before they are available to be paid to you in the stipulated payment day

Wow, thank you for that information, I didn’t know that, I guess I’m watching adds for free, well time to remove those profiles and stick to only 4.

@FrankGates0491, be sure to not remove the profiles that are paying you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hard to find wich ones are the good ones :crazy_face:

Hi @FrankGates0491, there is a 4 wallet maximum.

Waiting for next payment in the middle of this month :)))